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Uterus Preserving Surgery for Prolapse

The demand for uterine preservation in pelvic reconstructive surgery for uterovaginal prolapse is steadily increasing, and several procedures have been introduced, such as sacrospinous hysteropexy, and uterosacral hysteropexy.

Women wish to conserve their uterus for several reasons, including the desire to maintain fertility and body image, beliefs regarding the adverse effects of sexual dysfunction, and their sense of identity. 

Hysterectomy is routinely performed at the time of uterovaginal prolapse repair; high-level evidence-based data regarding the potential benefits of uterine preservation with hysterectomy are lacking in the literature. 

Let us have a balanced discussion Contact Dr. Aneeta Talwar, for the Best Vaginoplasty treatment in Bangalore, to help identify whom and how to perform uterine-preserving surgery.

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